Eberhard Holder & Micha Klein


October 26, 2018 – November 25, 2018
Friday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


Free admission

Travel companion – really good things for the road

Travel companions on the road are objects that have to function under extreme conditions. These are thoughtfully made objects whose aesthetic develops through a process of reduction to the essential. Traces of use tell stories from their histories, acquiring, in the process, special value for the owner.


Based on the travels of the authors Eberhard Holder and Micha Klein, the focus of this exhibition is on time-tested travel companions as well as on newly acquired travel objects that enable new possibilities of journeys and movement through changing technologies. The diversity of the items in this exhibit enables visitors to engage in a new way with design criteria such as emotionality, functionality and user-friendliness.


The exhibition was first presented at the Design Center, Baden-Württemberg.