Salone Verde was carefully refurbished in 2020 making it a unique exhibition venue available for rent. The location is composed of two parallel buildings measuring 160 sqm and 130 sqm, separated by an 80 sqm open courtyard connecting Calle della Regina and Rio S. Maria Mater Domini.


Whether you’re planning an exhibition, cultural event or workshop, Salone Verde offers flexible layout options and comprehensive facilities to customize the space to suit your specific needs. You can easily book additional services for your convenience.


Situated in Santa Croce 2258, Salone Verde is located in the heart of the city, away from the heaviest tourist flows, but close to some of the most fascinating sites of the district, including modern art galleries such as Ca’ Pesaro and Fondazione Prada.


Just a few minutes walk from the Rialto Market and Canal Grande, Salone Verde is easily accessed by Calle della Regina or by boat through the water door at Rio S. Maria Mater Domini. Vaporetto line 1 stops at closest dock San Stae or Rialto Mercato.

Facilities offered in our venue include:

  • kitchen / sanitary / storage in each building
  • air conditioning / floor heating
  • Velux skylights with blackout curtains
  • ERCO in-track multifunctional spotlight system
  • alarm system with private security
  • wifi
  • handicapped accessible
  • direct access by porta d’acqua
art & social club

Salone Verde art & social club is an open place for people who want to think further about living together. Having undergone intense architectural and cultural changes across the centuries, it now opens its space to people and their ideas, moved by a strong desire to build a community with its roots sunk in Venice, while being connected all over the world.


We dedicate our new project to enhancing the vital cultural engagements of the city, and to welcome people who strive to cooperate and develop the future together.


Salone Verde art & social club will become a collective centre for people who want to think further about living together – economically, technically, musically, literarily, theatrically, sociologically, with consideration for resources and consideration for others – holistically – a brainfactory.


As the history-filled fragment of what once was a much larger venetian palace owned by the noble Loredan Family during the 18th century, Salone Verde is the result of a thoughtful refurbishment act.



First written evidence of the establishment is included in a National Archive document which dates back to 1344. The same building ended up being portrayed in the monumental bird’s eye view of the city “Venetie MD” designed by Jacopo de’ Barbari.


After being used as a noble residence, and later on as a space for commercial activities, including a blacksmith workshop and a luganegher, during the 19th century the building was partially demolished and rebuilt taking on today’s appearance.



Salone Verde went through a thoughtful renovation process, starting at the end of 2020 and concluded in 2022, which focused mainly on operating essential structural changes.


The historical elements of the building were repaired, strengthened and replaced only when necessary, in compliance with the requirements of UNESCO and the city of Venice. In this way, the raw conditions could be preserved inside and out.


The structural interventions can be seen in the window and door profiles, where slender profiles were added, using folded steel with high stability, low material costs and a long service life.


The salone, the central, most splendid room of the historical residence, where the family would meet and receive guests, and all of the floors of the old palazzo, disappeared to leave an open, inner courtyard. Our project is to make this space green like a garden, so that the “Salone” of the past will be transformed into the “Salone Verde” of the future.




The graffiti: Since our first approach to the renovation process of Salone Verde, maintaining the original essence of the space, especially avoiding intense changes, quickly became of the greatest importance to us.


We chose not to remove or modify the already existing graffiti, striving to preserve the space and keeping it as close as possible to how we found it, with a deep respect to it and to the city in which it was built. At the start of 2023, we decided to involve restoration company Unisve to help extend the life of our graffiti. A fixing solution was applied to all of them to make their design stand out and preserve their original pigment through time.

The window calle: As one of the most peculiar features of Salone Verde, its unique calle window unfailingly catches the eye of everyone passing by Calle della Regina.


After the original openings were identified through the lintels and elements which were still present in the masonry, the bricks were removed. This opening towards the calle unveiled a completely intact original structure, including the old window grilles. Unlike other openings in Salone Verde and their load bearing constructions, this process revealed some resilient elements which didn’t require further work.